A Six-Year Retrospective

A Six-Year Retrospective

The North Carolina Tobacco Trust Fund Commission is pleased to present this Six-Year Retrospective featuring 33 successful projects funded by the commission from 2001 to 2007.We believe this publication helps North Carolinians - including elected representatives, community leaders and the general public - more fully understand the role the Tobacco Trust Fund Commission is playing to secure a better future for those citizens adversely affected by the decline of tobacco-related income and employment.

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In November of 1998, the attorneys general of 46 states signed an agreement with four of the nation's largest cigarette manufacturers. This settlement is referred to as the Master Settlement Agreement (MSA). The MSA commits these tobacco manufacturers to pay approximately $206 billion to the 46 states over the first 25 years of the agreement. Of that, North Carolina’s share is estimated to be approximately $4.6 billion after 25 years. Money from the MSA is sometimes called “Phase I” money.

The NC General Assembly created three different programs to distribute the State's Phase I funds. The Golden LEAF Foundation (GLF), a non-profit corporation, received 50% of the Phase I funds up until 2013.  The General Assembly changed the distribution so that GLF would not receive a direct MSA payment.   GLF makes grants for economic development in tobacco dependent communities. The Health and Wellness Trust Fund, a State agency received 25% of the Phase I funds until the agency was discontinued in 2012.  And finally, the remaining 25% was allocated to the Tobacco Trust Fund Commission (TTFC) up until the past few years, when the agency became a state-appropriated agency, meaning that the Commission receives funding based on the General Assembly's budget allocation.

Since inception, the TTFC has expended over $90 million towards actual grant projects which fulfill the statutory purpose of the TTFC.

The Tobacco Trust Fund Commission:

The Tobacco Trust Fund Commission was created to assist tobacco farmers, tobacco quota holders, persons engaged in tobacco-related businesses, individuals displaced from tobacco-related employment, and tobacco product component businesses in the State due to the adverse effects of the MSA. The TTFC can disburse funds through compensatory programs and qualified agricultural programs.

The Governor, Speaker of the House and the President Pro Tem of the Senate appoint the eighteen Commission members. The Tobacco Trust Fund is managed financially by the State Treasurer, and the Commission is administratively housed in the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The Commission is independent, and reports annually to the NC Legislative Commission on Governmental Operations regarding its programs. The TTFC met for the first time February 15, 2001 and its board meets quarterly and as needed to carry out TTFC business.

North Carolina General Statutes, Chapter 143, Article 75, Tobacco Trust Fund
Tobacco Trust Fund Commission Rules
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